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On the British Constitution - and on protest

Everyone "knows" the British constitution is an undemocratic and anachronistic mess in dire need of reform. But whilst it's easy to see how silly the constitution is, it is much harder to know how to improve it.

See also "Shorts" - occasional notes on power (regularly updated)

So does my evidence to Congress, March 2002

The archive:

"Defending the Constitution" consists of three 1997 pieces for the Independent which suggested that by 1970 the British had the ideal constitutional form, if only they'd learned to love it.

"'Reforming' the Lords" looks at New Labour's scheme for a more democratic House of Lords

"Hereditary peers defended" is a longish 2000 booklet which looked at government through the lens of the abolition of the hereditary peers in the Lords

The protest section discusses the line between "good" and "bad" protest.


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